Do you plan to go on vacation this summer?

Q: Some news stories said more than 40% of Americans got vaccinated, and many of them started making vacation plans. Do you plan to go on vacation this summer?

A: Yes, it’s true that many people are starting to travel again. I think they aren’t being cautious enough, personally. One of my friends is trying to take vacation in a very safe way, so her family has rented a large RV. They will drive around and see many different things, and be able to sleep comfortably without having to use a hotel or campground.

I don’t usually take summer vacation. I don’t like hot weather, so I don’t want to travel during that time. I may take a “staycation”, which means we have days off, but we stay at home. Staycations were very popular last year, and many people with houses worked hard to make their yards a fun place.


Q: ニュースでアメリカ人の40%がワクチン接種をして、夏休みの計画を立て始めていると聞きました。今夏はどこかに行く予定ですか?

A: そう、たくさんの人が旅行を始めているのは本当よ。個人的に、その人たちはあまり気をつけてないと思うわ。友人の一人は、安全なやり方でバケーションに行こうとしているので、家族で大きなキャンピングカーを借りたの。彼らは車で移動していろんなものを見てまわり、ホテルやキャンプ場を使わずに快適に眠れるわ。