What do students in the United States do during summer break?

Q: What do students do during summer break?

A: That depends on the family, the age of the student and the school district. Some districts have longer summer breaks than others, and some have none at all, due to having a “year round school” schedule. Year round school is only common in areas where the population is extremely dense.

Most kids don’t do anything special for summer break. Elementary students who are not old enough to stay home alone may be sent to a “day camp”, or other type of short term day care program. Day camps often plan craft projects, field trips, and entertainment.

If the student plays sports, they might spend most of the summer at special practice sessions for their sport. Students who are interested in a specific subject might go to a day camp for that subject. In my area, robotics camp and aerospace camps are popular. Kids attend these camps during the day while their parents are at work.

Depending on where they live, families often take three-day weekend trips and go camping, or to the beach, etc. The US does not have very many national holidays, but several of them are in the summer, so families often make big plans for those three-day weekends.


Q: アメリカの子供は夏休みに何をする?

A: 家庭や子供の年齢、学区によるわ。他より夏休みが長い学区もあるし、year round schoolで夏休みが全然ないところもある。year round schoolは人口密集地域でしかないけれど。