What is an egg hunt?

Q: What is an egg hunt?

A:Easter is coming up soon, and one of the most common activities is the Easter egg hunt. In the past these were almost always held at home, and parents would hide the eggs the family had dyed around the house or in the yard. Kids would run around and collect all the eggs in a basket, and compete to collect the most eggs.

These days, it’s very common to see community egg hunts. For food safety (and fragility!) reasons, these types of egg hunts use brightly colored plastic eggs, which are usually filled with candy. We can see egg hunts like this at churches, schools, and in public parks.

In some cases, companies will sponsor or host egg hunts. In my area there is a dairy company that’s quite popular. Their main office is on a farm, and since they have lots and lots of space, they host community egg hunts every year. Hundreds of kids come out to “hunt” for eggs. Usually, the groups of kids are broken up by age, but typically no one over 12 years old is allowed to participate.

Q: エッグハントとは?

A: もうすぐイースター。最も一般的な行事の一つがイースターエッグハントよ。かつては、ほとんどが家庭でやっていて、親が家族で染色した卵を家や庭に隠し、子供たちが走り回って卵をかごに集めて、集める卵の数を競争したの。