What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?

Q: What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?

A: My nephew! My youngest nephew was born on my birthday, 13 years ago. I always joke with my sister in law that since she had him on my birthday, she should give him to me.

Our birthday is the day after Christmas, and this is not a great day to have a birthday in Western countries. When I was little, people often forgot about my birthday, because they were getting ready for Christmas. I could not celebrate with my school friends, because we were out of school for the winter break. I could not have a birthday party, because my friends were out of town, visiting their relatives. Because of my experience as a small child, I make sure that people remember my nephew every year. I have given my family a set of rules to follow, hahaaa! They better remember his special day, or they will hear from me!


Q: 今までもらって一番うれしかった誕生日プレゼントは何?

A: 甥っ子よ! 一番下の甥っ子は13年前の私の誕生日に生まれたの。義理の妹には、私の誕生日に生まれたんだから、彼を私にちょうだいっていつも冗談を言ってるわ。

私たちの誕生日はクリスマスの翌日で、西欧諸国では誕生日としてあまりいい日でないの。子供の頃は、みんなクリスマスの準備をしていて、私の誕生日をよく忘れていたわ。誕生日のお祝いを学校の友達とはできなかったわね。冬休みで学校がなかったから。誕生日パーティーもできなかったわ。友達は親戚のところにいって町にいなかったからね。子供のころの経験から私はみんなが毎年甥のことを覚えているようにしているわ。私の家族には守るべきルールとしているの! 彼らは彼の特別な日を覚えていないといけないのよ。さもないと私から連絡がいくからね!