What kind of sports do you watch?

Q: What kind of sports do you watch?

A: I don’t really like watching sports, with the exception of the Winter Olympics. I really enjoy watching figure skating, and snowboarding. Luge and Skeleton are super exciting as well, but very dangerous! Can you imagine what it would be like to be on a tiny sled, going head first at such a high speed?

Of course sports are popular in my city, especially football (our football team is very famous and popular), but I don’t really pay attention. If you ask me about sports, I am more likely to know how the Urawa Reds or Hanshin Tigers are doing this year than my own teams, as I often talk to students about their favorite sports!

質問: どんなスポーツを見るの?

回答: スポーツを見るのはそんなに好きじゃないの、冬期オリンピックを除いて、ね。フィギアスケートとスノーボードを見るのは本当に楽しいの。リュージュとスケルトンもものすごくワクワクするけどとっても危険よね!小さなそりにのって、頭からあんな高速で行くなんて考えられる?