What kind of volunteer do people do  in the States?

Q: What kind of volunteer do people do  in the States?

A: Some people volunteer to do work for their children’s schools. Some people who are religious do work for their churches. Many people volunteer in their community to help the elderly or homeless. Some people travel to other countries to do volunteer work.

Community volunteer work can include working at soup kitchens or homeless shelters, or delivering meals to elderly or disabled people. Church volunteer work is often very similar, as in some communities, the soup kitchen and “meals on wheels” programs are run and funded by church charities.

School volunteer work can be anything from maintaining the school grounds (mowing the lawn, planting flowers, painting the building) to helping teach a class, or helping a teacher grade papers.

International volunteer work usually includes things like building a well for fresh water, building a school building for a community without one, or even providing free medical care to people in areas with no doctor. One famous organization called “Doctors without borders” often visits other countries to provide surgeries which we consider routine, but are procedures that are out of reach for people in some less developed countries.


Q: 米国ではどんなボランティア活動が人気があるの?

A: 自分の子供の学校のためにボランンティアをする人もいれば、信仰のある人は自分の教会でボランティアをしたりする。多くの人が自分の住む地域でお年寄りやホームレスを助けるボランティアをしているわね。ボランティア活動のために海外に行く人もいる。