Are people concerned about infection when they get tattoos? 

Q: Are people concerned about infection when they get tattoos?

A: No, because the tattoo industry is strictly regulated. Tattoo parlors receive regular inspections by the health department. Inspectors check for things like sterilization equipment, equipment storage, and the way each artist sets up their work area. Artists must wear disposable gloves for every tattoo, and most shops have rules about how to set up a work area. I don’t know the specifics, but it has to do with putting inks into disposable pots, rather than using them straight from the bottle. In this way, there is no chance of cross contamination. If a shop does not pass inspection, they are not allowed to continue working.

There are also “after care” measures which must be followed. The shop will give the customer a sheet of instructions to follow on how to care for their tattoo so that it heals perfectly. Of course there are always lazy people who do not follow the directions, but even so, infection is rare. There are also stupid people who buy tattoo equipment and try to do their own, or try to give their friends tattoos – in this case who knows what they may catch! But professional tattoo artists are very strict about their cleanliness.


Q: タトゥーをした後の感染症を心配する人はいる?

A: いないわね。タトゥー業界は厳しく規制されているからよ。タトゥーのお店は定期的に保健省の検査を受けるの。検査官は殺菌器具、器具の保管、施術場所の設置状況などを確認する。施術アーティストは、タトゥー毎に使い捨て手袋を装着しなければならないし、ほとんどのお店が施術エリアのセッティング方法について規則があるわ。私は詳しく知らないけれど、インクはビンから直接使うのではなく、使い捨ての容器に入れるとかそういうことね。だから、二次汚染の可能性がない。お店は検査に合格しなければ、営業の継続が許可されない。