What do you do with old clothes?

Q: What do you do with old clothes? 

A: I think this depends on the person. I tend to give my old clothes away to friends, or donate them to a thrift store. In some areas, we can find public donation bins so we can easily drop our old clothes into them. Where the clothes go after that depends on who owns the collection bin. Sometimes the clothes go to homeless people, sometimes they go to thrift stores to be resold, sometimes they go to people in need in other countries, and sometimes the things are cleaned, shredded and used as fill for other items (like cushions, pillows, etc).

Another common way to get rid of old clothes, depending on your area, is resale shops. Some people have shops in their cities that will buy any clothing in good condition, other shops will only take well known brands. I don’t know much about this, but the seller is offered a certain amount of cash or sometimes store credit, and they can agree to sell, or decide not to, and keep their item. There are also consignment shops, where you leave your clothing and when it sells, you get part of the money and the shop gets part of the money. Consignment shops tend to be overpriced and are not at all popular with young people.


Q: 古くなった服はどうしてる? 

A: その人次第だと思うわ。私は友達にあげるか、リサイクルショップに寄付するわね。古着を気軽に入れられる一般向けの寄付箱を見かけるところもあるわ。その服の行く先はその回収箱の所有者によるわね。ホームレスの人たちに行ったり、リサイクルショップに行って転売されたり、海外の必要としている人たちのところに行ったり、洗浄し、細かくされて他の製品(クッションや枕など)の中身になったりする。。