Are there any characteristics of people depending on states or area you live?

Q: Are there any characteristics of people depending on states or area you live?

A: There are definitely stereotypes about people from certain states.  A lot of stereotypes are negative, but others are kind of a joke.

For example, New Yorkers have a reputation for being unfriendly and not willing to help. I don’t think this is true. I suspect that this idea comes from the fact that New York is a very large, and confusingly laid out city – it’s easy to become lost or overwhelmed. In certain parts of New York, people are very focused on business and probably would not have much time to stop and helped a confused visitor. I believe this is probably why people feel that New Yorkers are not friendly – the visitor is a little scared, and the person they ask to help them is on their way to work and cannot stop.

We call parts of the southern US “The Bible Belt”. This is because people in this region tend to be conservative Christians who regularly attend church, and often base their daily decisions on their religious view.

It’s often said that Seattle is a hot bed of “hipster” culture, and that’s pretty much true. We often see extreme hipster moments, like a young man in a café, wearing clothes that look like they belong to a lumberjack, and typing on a traditional typewriter instead of a laptop. This is one of the stereotypes that is both ridiculous, and true! It’s quite funny.

Some states in the South have reputations for not being friendly to people of color. Unfortunately, in some cases this is still true. This stereotype comes from the days of segregation (and before that, slavery) – where black and white people were not allowed to use the same cafes, restrooms, hotels, etc. This is a horrible part of our nation’s past, and unfortunately in some areas of the South, racism is alive and well.


Q: 州や地域による人の特徴はある?

A: 州による人のステレオタイプはあるわ。多くがネガティブなものだけど、ジョークのようなものもあるわね。