Are there any expressions to describe chirping sound of crickets or any other insects?

Q: They say Japanese recognize sounds of crickets (insects) as onomatopoeic Japanese words.  The sounds remind Japanese of autumn. Do you feel such sounds are something special or just noise?  Are there any expressions to describe chirping sound of crickets or any other insects?

A: I suppose whether it’s a nice sound or a noise depends on the person’s day. If you’re relaxing in your backyard, these sounds are pleasant. If you’ve been listening to screaming children all day, it’s an annoying noise 😉

And of course, English, like most other languages, has words for these sounds.  But the United States is about 25x the size of Japan, so we do not universally recognize the same sounds as meaning the same things to all Americans. Insects that exist in one part of the county may not exist at all in others.

For example, it’s too cold in this part of the country for fireflies, and I have never seen one (except in films), but people in other areas of the country recognize them as a sign of late summer. In some parts of the country, people recognize the sounds of cicadas as heralding the beginning of summer, but we do not have cicadas in my part of the country. Even the chirping of crickets is not a common sound this far north. In my area, the sounds of certain birds singing remind us of spring. The earliest bird song in my area is usually the chickadees, so when I hear them outside, I know spring is coming.

There are a lot of different words for insect sounds, but the most commonly used are “buzz” and “chirp”.


Q: 日本人はコオロギなどの虫の声をオノマトペの言葉として認識すると言われています。日本人は虫の声を聞くと秋を感じます。虫の声を特別なものと感じますか?それともノイズだと思いますか?コオロギなど虫の鳴き声を表現する言葉はありますか?