Are there any movies or TV shows you recently streamed that you liked?

Q: Are there any movies or TV shows you recently streamed that you liked?

A: Yes! I recently saw 2 Disney movies that I enjoyed.

One was called “Luca” – this is a very cute story about friendship, and how people with differences can still be the best of friends. I also saw “Encanto”, which is a story about a magical family. This one features music written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man who wrote the famous musical “Hamilton”.

As far as live-action movies, I watched “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”. This is a Marvel movie, so it was very action-packed. It has received a lot of attention because the super heroes in this movie are Asian-American, which is rare in Hollywood films.

Many TV shows are still behind schedule due to Covid 19 shutdowns, so there isn’t a lot of choice lately. I have been enjoying “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, but the new season has already ended. I am also waiting for “The Good Fight” to return for the year.

Q: 最近、オンライン配信で見た映画やドラマでお気に入りはある?

A: あるわよ!最近見た2本のディズニー映画が面白かったわ。