Are there any TV shows you often watch or you would recommend?

Q: Are there any TV shows you often watch or you would recommend?

A: As far as TV shows, there’s not a lot I watch regularly. I tend to forget about weekly shows, so I end up watching older series on streaming services whenever I have the time.

I do like police procedurals, mysteries, and crime solving tv shows. One of my very old favorites is Law & Order, which shows us a new case each episode, from the point of view of the district attorneys (law) and the local police (order). This show aired for MANY years.

Since I enjoy baking, The Great British Bakeoff is one of my very favorite programs. We can’t watch it so easily in the US, but I often watch old episodes on Youtube. I like learning about the baked goods that British people consider typical, home baking, because they are usually quite different from the things Americans would consider typical home baking.

Recently I also started watching the new Twilight Zone reboot. I enjoyed reruns of the original series when I was quite small (probably too young to have been watching a show like that!), so I was interested in the reboot. So far we’re enjoying it.