Are there many monster parents in the US?

Q: Are there many monster parents in the US?

A: It’s not the problem it is in Japan. There are always awful parents, but they do not usually get what they want. We hear stories of parents who expect their child to be passed, even though they did no homework all year, or parents who try to PAY to have a grade changed, those who request makeup tests for no reason, etc, but these people don’t get anywhere with their foolishness. 

Most school districts in the US have strict policies, and the teacher does not have any ability to change these policies, so complaining really won’t do any good. So yes, monster parents exist, but it isn’t the same problem here. Rules and policies do not change or bend for anyone, so unreasonable people are usually just shown the policy and then the door.

It’s actually common to see such behavior ridiculed on social media.This is a common result for them – if you act like a fool, you will be treated like one and no one will take your claims seriously. Sometimes a parent will even try to accuse a teacher of doing something wrong or even illegal, but these cases often end up with legal trouble for the parent.


Q: 米国にはモンスターペアレントはいる?

A: 日本ほど問題になっていないわ。常にひどい親はいるけど、たいていその人たちの思う通りにはならないわ。年中宿題をならないような子供を合格させようとする親、お金を払って成績を変えさせようとする親、理由なく追試を要求する親などの話を聞いたりするけど、その愚かな行動で得することはないわ。