Are there many people who want to be referred to as “they”?

Q: Are there many people who want to be referred to as “they” rather than he/she due to their gender identity?

A:More and more people are using they/them these days. They/them is a pronoun set mostly used by non-binary and agender people, though I have met a few people who identify with their assigned gender who also use they/them. It is also becoming more common for people to include their pronouns on things like social media profiles, name tags and resumes. The thinking is that if everyone includes their pronouns, then people who use an unexpected one will not feel singled out or strange for giving theirs.


Q: 自身の性自認のために、自分の代名詞をhe/she でなくtheyとしている人はたくさんいますか?

A: they/themを使う人は増えてきているわ。自分を生まれもった性を自認している人でthey/themを使う人に何人か会ったことがあるけれど、たいていはthey/themは(男女の2択の当てはめようとしない)ノンバイナリーや性別をもたない人に使われているわね。SNSや、ネームタグ、履歴書などに代名詞を入れるのも一般的になってきているわ。みんなが代名詞を入れていたら、想定外のものを使う人たちが阻害感やいやな気分にならないだろうという考えね。