Are there many vegetarians in the States? 

Q: Are there many vegetarians?  Do they have trouble finding vegetarian food?

A: There are lots of vegetarians in the US, and these days the number of vegans is rapidly increasing as well. It’s not hard at all to find vegetarian and vegan restaurants in my area, but I imagine it might be more difficult in some parts of the country. In my area, there are many vegan bakeries, but I think vegan baked goods taste awful, lol.

There are so many vegetarians and vegans in the US that many fast food restaurants are now serving plant-based burgers. These look and smell like beef, but they are made of things like nutritional yeast and vegetables. The “impossible burger” has become extremely popular, as meat-eaters feel that it tastes like real beef, and they are happy to have a healthier option. You can find meat-free options at most of the major burger chains across the US.

Many people become vegetarian or vegan because of religion, health conditions, or concerns about animal welfare or global warming. If you live in a big city, there’s no problem at all, but I imagine it could be harder to eat this way in a rural area.


Q: 米国にはベジタリアンは多いの? ベジタリアン用の食事を探すのは大変なの?

A: 米国にはたくさんのベジタリアンがいるわ。最近その数が急速に増えている。私の地域では、ベジタリアンやビーガンの飲食店を探すのは大変じゃないわよ。でも、場所によっては難しいかもしれないことは想像できるわ。私の地域では、ビーガンのベーカリーがあるけど、ビーガンのパンや焼き菓子の味はひどいわ(笑)

米国にはベジタリアンやビーガンが多いので、多くのファーストフード店が植物由来のハンバーガーを出しているわよ。見た目や匂いは牛肉みたいなんだけど、 ニュートリショナルイーストと野菜とかでできているの。肉を食べる人が本物の牛肉みたいな味がすると言って、『インポッシブル・バーガー』がすごく人気になったわ。彼らは健康的なオプションがあると喜んでいるわよ。米国中の大きなハンバーガーチェーンはたいていどこも肉の入っていないメニューがあるわ。