Are there more theaters and restaurants open now?

Q: Vaccination has been progressing. Are there more theaters and restaurants open now?
Are there any concerts or festivals?

A: As you know, the situation varies by both county and state. In my area, we may “roll back” to previous restrictions, as our case count is quite high. Restaurants have been open here for a while, but they were not allowed to have customers seated inside until recently. Most places are still doing take out and delivery only, as outdoor seating space is very limited here. I hear that in other parts of the country, most restaurants have set up tables outdoors so that they can serve many customers.

In my area, very few theaters are open. One of our biggest chains announced some time back that they would remain closed “for the foreseeable future”. Specialty theaters like Imax are open, but the number of people allowed inside is still limited. This is the same inside stores.

Concerts, festivals, symphony, ballet, weddings and funerals are still not allowed in many places.


Q: ワクチン接種が進んできたけど、劇場やレストランは空いている? コンサートやお祭りは?

A: ご存知の通り、状況は国や州によって違うわ。私の地域では、件数がかなり多いので、前の規制に戻るかもしれない。レストランはしばらく開いていたけど、つい最近まで屋内に着席させることは許されてなかったわ。ここは屋外の席のスペースが限られていることもあって、ほとんどのところがまだテイクアウトや宅配だけでやっているわ。他の地域では、たいていのレストランがたくさんのお客さんに給仕できるように屋外にテーブルを置いているわね。