Are you planning to have an art show?

Q: Are you planning to have an art show?

A: No. Due to the pandemic lockdown, most of the small, independently run galleries in this area went out of business. Regular commercial galleries do not tend to work with local and independent artists as much – they prefer to exhibit work that sells for thousands of dollars, because their space is expensive to maintain.

Additionally, large indoor gatherings are not allowed in my area at this time, due to a huge surge in the number of Covid cases. I honestly don’t expect we will be able to have any art shows until next spring.


Q: 展示の予定はある?

A: ないわ。コロナのロックダウンのせいで、小規模の独立系のギャラリーの大半が廃業してしまったの。普通の商業ギャラリーはあまり地元の独立系のアーティストとは提携しない傾向にあるの。スペースを維持するのにお金がかかるから、何千ドルかで売れる作品を展示したいのね。