Can you drive?

Q: Can you drive?

A: Yes, the majority of Americans can drive. In most states we take Driver’s Education in high school, and we can take the test to get a driver’s license at 16. I don’t currently have a car, but I use a number of car sharing services.

Owning a car in the city is quite expensive (auto insurance, gas and maintenance costs are higher than in smaller cities and towns), and it’s extremely difficult to find an apartment that has a parking area. Car sharing services like “Car2Go” and “Zipcar” are very popular in the city. We can also choose ride sharing services, like “Lyft” and “Uber”.

Of course we do have public transportation, but it’s not nearly as efficient as it ought to be. It’s quite good in the heart of downtown, where the business district is, but it’s not so efficient in residential areas. I live in the North part of my city, and the public transportation here is quite inconvenient and slow!