Can you substitute “might as well” for “should”?  

Q: Can you substitute “might as well” for “should”?  

A: No, because the meaning is totally different.

“Should” is a word that lets us remind the people we are speaking to of advice, rules, laws, etc. For example, it is a rule that people need to speak quietly in a library, so we might say “You shouldn’t be so loud in here!” in order to remind someone of the rule.

Advice:   I think you should ask your boss for a raise. You’ve been working really hard!
Law:    You should stop when the traffic light turns red.
Rule:   He should come to work on time if he doesn’t want to get into trouble!
When we use it in questions, we are asking the advice of others.

Advice:  Should we eat lunch now?
Law:  Should I park here, or where there is no paint on the curb?
Rule:   Should I return this form to the boss or to HR?
“Should” can also be used in a situation where something WILL take place…unless there is a problem. For example, “You should get the package I sent on Wednesday.” Here, the implication is that unless something goes wrong (package is lost, misdelivered, etc), the package will be in your hands on that day.

Q: might as well はshould に置き換えれらるの?

A: 意味が全然違うから、できないわ。

should というのは、相手に対してアドバイス、ルール、法律などを想起させる言葉なの。例えば、図書館では静かに話さないというルールがあったとすると、そのルールを改めて認識させるのに“You shouldn’t be so loud in here!” (そのここで騒いではいけない)と言うの。




また、shouldは、問題がない限りこれから何かが起こる状況で使われます。例えば、 “You should get the package I sent on Wednesday.” (私が送った荷物は水曜に受け取ることになるわ)では、特に問題がなければ(荷物の紛失、誤配送など)その荷物はその日にあなたの手に届くということを意味しているの。