Could you tell me about Black Friday?

Q: Could you tell me about Black Friday?

A: Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving each year. This is said to be the first day in the year that retailers turn a profit, turning their books from “red” (deficit) to “black” (profit), hence the name.

Typically this is the official start of the Christmas shopping season, and most retailers offer “doorbuster sales” in order to draw in customers.

The doorbusters are usually an exciting item sold at or below cost, in an attempt to lure customers into the store. For example, a store might offer a TV for $150, so many people show up to buy the TV and then buy other things while they are there.

Some retailers have taken this to ridiculous extremes in recent years though, having different door busters throughout the day, trying to get people to come back to the same store repeatedly.

Q: ブラックフライデーについて教えて。

A: ブラックフライデーは、毎年感謝祭の翌日なの。小売店が一年で最初に利益が出る日、帳簿が赤字(損失)から黒字(利益)になる日ということから、その名がついたと言われているわ。