Could you tell me about the phrase, “might as well”? 

Q: Could you tell me about the phrase, “might as well”?  What kind of situations can “might as well” be used in?

A: “Might as well” is a phrase we only use when certain conditions are met.

It implies that while we were hoping for one outcome, we are being forced to accept a different one. This can be a tricky one, because many things are heavily implied when we use this phrase.

Here are some situations:

Two friends want to see a movie. They must drive into town to see the movie. However, when they arrive at the theater, they find it is closed. They have already spent time driving into town, and don’t want to waste that time by turning around and driving home.

A: I had no idea the theater had gone out of business!

B: What a bummer. I really wanted to see the movie.

A: Well, should we go to karaoke instead?

B: Yeah, might as well.


Two coworkers go to grab lunch at their favorite fast food place. When they order, the cashier tells them that the restaurant has run out of their favorite dish. They usually don’t order anything else, because they love their regular, but they think that since they can’t get it, they should use the chance to try something new.

A: Can we get 2 Crispy chicken meals please?

B: I’m so sorry, we ran out of chicken. Can I get you something else?

A: (to coworker) what do you think?

C: Well, I’ve always been curious about the fish sandwich. Since we can’t get chicken, might as well try the fish today.

A: Okay. We’ll have 2 fish sandwich meals please!

Some friends went to a concert. They had a hard time finding parking, and had to pay a very high rate once they finally found a parking lot with spaces available. The lot was a long way from the venue, so they had to walk a long distance. During their walk, it started raining. When they got to the venue, they realized they had mixed up the dates, and the show was actually the following week. They have had a terrible evening, and don’t want to take a chance on anything else bad happening to them.

A: I can’t believe all 3 of us read the date wrong on these stupid tickets!

B: I wish we had double checked before we forked out $25 for parking!

C: (laughing)This has got to be the worst night out on the town we have ever had!

A: So our feet hurt, we’re cold and wet, and grumpy. Should we find something else to do?

C: No way! Might as well go home and order pizza. At least then we’ll be dry.

B: Sounds like a plan to me.


Q: “might as well”というフレーズについて教えてください。どんな状況で使われますか?

A: might as wellは特定の条件でしか使われないフレーズよ。ある結果を望んでいたにもかかわらず、別のことを受け入れざるをえないという含みがあるの。これはちょっとややこしいかもしれないわね。このフレーズを使う時はたくさんのことを含むから。



A: 映画館が閉館してたなんて知らなかった!

B: まったく残念だよ。あの映画観たかったのに。

A: それじゃあ、代わりにカラオケに行こうか?

B: うん、せっかくだからそうしよう。


A: クリスピーチキンセットを2つください。

B: ごめんなさい、チキンは品切れです。他のものはいかがでしょうか?

A: (同僚に向かって)どう思う?

C: じゃあ、私ずっとフィッシュサンドに興味があったの。チキンが買えないなら、今日はフィッシュにしてみようか。

A: オッケー。フィッシュサンドセットを2つください。


A: 私たち三人全員がチケットの日付を間違って見ていたなんて信じられない!

B: 駐車料金25ドルの大枚はたく前に、もう一度確認してればよかった。

A: (笑いながら)これは過去最悪の夜に違いないわ。

B: 足は痛いし、濡れて寒いし、不機嫌だし。何か他のことでもしようか?

C: 勘弁して!家に帰ってピザでも注文した方がいいわ。少なくとも濡れないから。

B: それがいいと思うわ。