Could you tell me how British baking is different from American baking?

Q: Could you tell me how British baking is different from American baking?

A: Baking itself is baking – there isn’t a difference in the methods (aside from different measurement systems being used), it’s the recipes themselves. This is the same in every country – recipes that are considered common, standard, typical vary from country to country.

In the US, everyone who bakes knows how to make things like banana bread, pumpkin pie, oatmeal cookies or chocolate cake. However, the recipe challenges on Bake Off are what is considered common in the UK. They tend to have challenges for things like Victoria sponge, hot cross buns, Yorkshire pudding or spotted dick. These are recipes that are completely unfamiliar to bakers from other countries. Hearing the names of various baked goods for the first time is interesting, and I usually look for recipes online after I watch.

Q: アメリカとイギリスのベイキングの違いを教えて。

A: ベイキングはベイキングよ。(計量の単位が違うこと以外に)方法に違いはないわ。これはどこの国も同じなんだけど、国ごとに、一般的、定番、その土地の典型と思われているレシピが違うのよね。