Could you tell me what kind of woman Karen means?

Q: I heard the name “Karen” used as slang referring to a certain type of woman. Could you tell me what kind of woman “Karen” means?

A: A Karen is an entitled person. They are self-centered, demanding, unreasonable, and willing to cause inconvenience for others if it gets them their way. They are usually suburban, white, upper-middle-class people. They think they are better than those around them, which is what gives them their sense that their way is the only way.

“Karen” might be at the table next to you in a restaurant, demanding that the manager give her a meal for free because the waitress put too much ice in her drink.

“Karen might be the mother of your child’s classmate, who screams and yells at the teacher for refusing to give a good grade to their child who never does any work.

“Karen” might be in front of you at the grocery store check-out, screaming at the cashier because she wants to use a coupon that has expired and the cashier won’t allow it.

“Karen” might be your neighbor, who calls the police if someone parks near her house, or if the neighborhood children play too loudly.

“Karen” always thinks that her way is best, and that she has the right to be in charge of any given situation.

“Karen” always thinks that her way is best, and that she has the right to be in charge of any given situation.
The reason the name Karen came to be used for this type of person is that they are typically of a certain age group, and Karen happens to be a common name among people of that age group. (Anyone of any age can be “a Karen”, it’s just that most of them tend to be women in their 50s and 60s).


Q: Karen(カレン)という名前があるタイプの女性を表すと聞きました。Karenとはどんな女性を意味するのか教えてください。

A: Karenとは、特権意識を持っている人のことよ。この人たちは、自己中心的で、要求ばかりで、理不尽、自分の思い通りになるなら他人に迷惑をかけることも厭わないわ。たいてい、郊外に住む、頑固な中上級クラスの白人。自分は周りの人たちよりも上だと思っていているから、自分のやり方が唯一の方法だという考えになるの。