Could you tell me what stand up comedy is?

Q: Could you tell me what stand up comedy is?

A: This is another one of those things that it literally means what the name says – people standing up on stage, telling jokes. You can see stand up anywhere from tiny comedy clubs to huge stadiums. Sometimes, stand up comedians even open for rock bands! Famous comedians also go on tour, just like musicians.

These days, because of Netflix, we have access to a lot more stand up. In the past, we had to already know about a comedian in order to find a dvd recording of their stand up act, and it was difficult to learn about new comedians if we did not have a famous comedy club in our area. But Netflix now sponsors comedy specials for a wide range of comics. So if we’re in the mood to see stand up, there’s a whole category of specials to browse! These are typically around 90 minutes long, but there’s also a Netflix program that introduces new comedians. In that case, the entire episode is about one hour long, and each comedian shown gets a 15 minute set. Previously, the only way a new comedian could become well known easily was by performing on late night talk shows. 


Q: スタンドアップコメディについて教えて

A:  これはその名の表す通りで、ステージに立ってジョークを言う人たちのことよ。小さなコメディークラブから大きなスタジアムにいたるまでどこでも見ることができるわ。スタンドアップコメディーはロックバンドの前座を務めたりすることもあるわよ!有名なコメディアンはミュージシャンみたいにツアーもするのよ。