Do American students take part in club activities at school?

Q:Do American students participate in club activities at school?

A: Clubs are very different in the US. Sports, music, theater, etc, are not club activities. These are called “extracurricular activities”, and many of them take up one class space in a student’s schedule. For example, band, orchestra, and drama are all classes which are attended the same as a math class or science class. Performances for those classes (and sometimes extra practice) take place after school. Sports team practice is usually on weekends and either before or after school, depending on the school’s schedule.

Clubs, in the US, are typically things of special interest, but not related to a class. There are clubs with no purpose aside from weekly meetings (once a week, at the school) and there are clubs that have an ongoing project. So one student might go to a film club, where they watch a film each week and discuss the themes afterward, and another might go to robotics club, where club members work all year on a robot to enter into a national competition.


Q: アメリカの生徒はクラブ活動に参加しますか?

A: 米国のクラブは日本とは全然違うの。スポーツ、音楽、演劇などはクラブ活動ではなくて、「課外活動」と呼ばれていて、その多くが学生時間割の一つの授業になっているのよ。例えば、バンド、オーケストラ、演劇は数学や理科の授業と同じように出席するの。この授業の発表(時に練習も)は放課後に行われるわ。スポーツチームの練習は、その学校のスケジュールによるけど、たいてい週末や授業前か後ね。