Do many people suffer from hay fever in your area?

Q: In Japan, there are so many people who suffer from hay fever in spring and don’t like the season. Do many people suffer from hay fever in your area?

A: I suppose people suffer from hay fever in every country. We have many types of flowering trees in this part of the country, as well as fir and pine trees, so there are many types of pollen. We also have many types of flowering bushes. Sometimes in the spring, when you go out to get into your car, you find the car totally covered in pollen! So gross!

I used to live near a large park, which had a 5 kilometer running path around it. Part of this path had beautiful, blooming trees on both sides. During the spring, while running along, we noticed that as the runners ahead of us entered the portion of the trail with the trees, they began to sneeze as they ran. It was a little comical to watch, and I was always sure to pull my shirt over my nose when I got to that part of the path.


Q: 日本では春はたくさんの人が花粉症に悩まされます。あなたの地域では花粉症の人は多いですか?A: どこの国にも花粉症があると思うわ。この辺りはモミや松のほか、様々な花木があるから、いろんな花粉が飛んでいるわ。花の咲く低木類も色々あるしね。春は車に乗るのに外に出ると、自分の車が全面花粉だらけになっていることもあるわよ!気持ち悪いわね!