Do schools in the States have dress code?

Q: Do schools in the States have dress code?

A: All schools have dress codes. Each school district decides on what should and should not be allowed. Common things are rules about how long skirts/dresses and shorts should be, or rules about tank tops and basketball jersey style shirts. Some schools do not allow t-shirts with graphics to be worn. Some schools include rules about shoes, for student safety.

These days, most schools have pretty relaxed rules for shoes, but when I was in school, it was common for a school to have a “no open-toed shoes” rule. Many schools switched this policy out for one that required students to bring different shoes for physical education classes, but my son’s high school had neither rule!

Private schools have much stricter dress codes, and usually require a uniform. Those that do not require uniforms usually have very specific clothing that is allowed, like collared shirts, button up shirts and slacks only. I have heard of a few private schools who restrict “distracting hairstyles”, but it’s not common.


Q: 米国では服装に関する校則はあるの?

A: どこの学校にも服装規定があるわよ。各学区で何を着るべきか、着てはいけないかを決めているの。共通しているのは、スカートやワンピース、ズボンの丈の長さやタンクトップやバスケットボールのジャージについての規則ね。グラフィックが入ったTシャツを禁止しているところもあるわ。生徒の安全のために靴の規則がある学校もあるわよ。