Do you feel the economy is going back to normal?

Q: Do you feel the economy is going back to normal, even though the omicron variant is still around?

A:The government is trying to pretend that everything is normal, but it is not. As far as shopping, it seems most people are either comfortable with going to a store, or have become used to shopping online. Online retailers have seen a big increase in business.

However, many other sectors are still struggling. Restaurants have been especially hard hit, as they tend to pay very low wages. No one wants to risk their health for such a low wage, so they are having trouble finding new employees and remaining in business. Many have had to reduce their hours due to lack of staff.

One area that has been surprisingly hard hit is the veterinary industry. There is a nationwide shortage of vets at the moment. Many popular vets are older people, and thousands of them decided to retire during the pandemic! As a result, if you do not already have a relationship established with a vet clinic, it may be nearly impossible to find a doctor for your pet. At my vet’s office, they had 4 doctors, but 2 retired, leaving the entire patient load on the shoulders of just 2 doctors. If your pet is urgently ill, they cannot even see them, because their appointments are booked out about 3 months.

Q: まだオミクロンがあるけど、経済は元に戻ってきていると感じますか?