Do you feel the prices of food or daily supplies has gotten higher than before?

Q: News says the inflation rate in the US is rising. Do you feel the prices of food or daily supplies has gotten higher than before?

A: Absolutely. The cost of everything has increased. Some things have only increased by a few cents, but when we look at meat (especially beef) or dairy products like milk and butter, the price is as high as 3x what it was a few months ago.

Many people in the US are still out of work, despite the claims of low unemployment rates***, so food pantries and food banks are more important than ever. Many people are suffering from food insecurity, and the inflation levels will only increase this problem.

***Unemployment rates in the US are based on the number of people who claim unemployment benefits each week. This number is problematic, because it is not an accurate representation of joblessness. Unemployment benefits typically only last a few months. So after 6 months or so, you are no longer eligible to claim these benefits. This does not mean you have found a job, only that you are no longer eligible to receive this payment. So the reported unemployment rate is actually only a reflection of how many people are currently receiving benefits.


Q: ニュースで米国のインフレ率が上がっていると聞きました。食料や日用品の価格が上がったと感じますか?

A: 全くその通りよ。全ての価格が上がったわ。数セントしかあがってないものもあるけど、精肉(特に牛肉)や牛乳やバターのような乳製品は、数ヶ月前の3倍よ。