Do you have a plan to exhibit your artwork?

Q: Do you have a plan to exhibit your artwork?

A: I exhibit my artwork on a regular basis. I usually take part in monthly art walks, and about 3 times per year I participate in a group show at a downtown gallery.
Seattle is home to the very first “First Thursday” event in the country. This was originally an event where local art galleries would allow the public in for free on the first Thursday of every month. These days it has grown and changed. The event is usually called “Art Walk”, and in Seattle, every neighborhood has their own. For example, the original First Thursday still happens in the Pioneer Square neighborhood, but Capitol Hill has a Second Thursday art walk. Greenwood’s art walk is on Second Fridays.

Most art walks have outgrown the limited gallery spaces, so local businesses like shops and bars choose to host artists. People in the neighborhood can walk up and down the streets and see (and sometimes buy) art of all kinds in their own neighborhoods, without having to pay to get into a museum or gallery.


Q:  アート作品を展示する予定はある?

A:  作品展示は定期的にやってるわよ。いつも月単位のアートウォークに参加していて、年に3回くらい、ダウンタウンのギャラリーのグループ展に参加するわ。シアトルは米国で最初の「ファーストサーズデー」イベント発祥地なの。もともと、地元のアートギャラリーが毎月第1木曜日に一般にギャラリーを無料解放したイベントだったのね。最近、拡大、変化して、このイベントは「アート・ウォーク」と呼ばれている。シアトルでは、その地域で独自のものが開催されているのよ。例えば、元々のファーストサーズデーは今でもパイオニア・スクエア地域で行われているけど、キャピタルヒルでは第2木曜のアートウォークが開かれているわ。グリーンウッドのアートウォークは第2金曜ね。