Do you have a public library near your house?

Q: Do you have a public library near your house? Do you often go to the public library? 

A: There is a library very near my apartment. It takes about 10 minutes to walk there. The library is not very large, but it is housed in a beautiful historical building. It was built in 1910, and is right across the street from a huge park and lake.

I don’t go there very often because it’s quite small. This particular branch of the library is geared more toward families with small children, and there is a large selection of books for kids and a free weekly story time.

I mostly request books or CDs on the library website, and then pick them up after they have been transferred to my neighborhood’s library. This service is free, and if the book is available, it only takes a few days.

You can also sign up for a waiting list for popular books. When you sign up, it will tell you what your number is “in line”. For example, it might say “You are 53 of 110”, meaning you must wait for 52 other people to read and return the book, and there are still many other people waiting once you get your turn. Once the book is available, it will be transferred to your neighborhood library, and you receive a notification via email telling you to come get it.

Library building (photo):



Q: 家の近くに公立図書館はある? その図書館にはよく行くの?

A: 私のアパートのすぐ近くに図書館があるわ。歩いて10分位のところね。その図書館はあまり大きくないけど、美しい歴史的な建物にあるの。1910年に建てられたもので、大きな公園と湖の真向かいにあるわ。



人気のある本は順番待ちリストに申し込むこともできるのよ。申し込むとあなたが待ち列の何番目なのかがわかるの。例えば、You are 53 of 110. とあったら、あなたは52人がその本を読んで返すのを待たなければならなくて、あなたが返却した後もまだたくさんの人が後ろで待っているということなの。本が利用可能になったら、近所の図書館に搬送されて、取りにくるようにメールで通知を受け取るようになっているのよ。