Do you have a school observation day in the United States?

Q: Do you have a school observation day in the United States?
Are there any opportunities for parents to observe their children’s classes?

A: No, we don’t have anything like that. Some schools may allow a parent to come and observe during the day, but generally only if their child is having some kind of problem.

Usually at the beginning of the school year, schools host an open house evening. This is an opportunity for parents to meet the teacher and see the work their child has done so far. In elementary school, it’s common to see drawings or paintings on display at open house. For older children, you may see things like science models on display.

Additionally, schools have a parent-teacher conference once or twice each year. Parents come to the classroom and speak one on one with the teacher. They look at work their student has completed and hear feedback from the teacher. If there is a problem, they make a plan together to deal with it. If their student is doing well, the teacher will talk about what goals the student has achieved.


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