Do you have any apartment or community rules?

Q: Do you have any apartment or community rules?

A: I live in an apartment, so there are no “community rules”. Each apartment building has its own rules, which usually include things like what can be put on your balcony, the hours during which noise is acceptable, etc.

If you own a house or a condo, you may live in an HOA area. Home Owners’ Associations can have very strict (and often ridiculous) rules, which include things like what color you can paint your house, what kind of plants you can have in your yard, and more.


Q: 地域のルールはあるの?

A: 賃貸マンションに住んでいるので地域のルールはないわね。各棟でルールがあって、バルコニーに置いていいもの、音を出していい時間などが決められているわ。