Do you have any electric appliances you are interested in?

Q: Do you have any electric appliances you are interested in?

A: No, there’s nothing like that that I am interested in. They aren’t sold on TV, but many people are interested in the Instant Pot and the Sous-vide these days.
The Instant Pot cooks food, even frozen food, very quickly. Many people say this helps them cook homemade meals more often. However, this item is extremely expensive.
The Sous-vide is a product that many people who enjoy cooking are interested in. I’m not completely clear on the way it works, but food is placed in a plastic bag with spices or marinade, then put into super hot water. It’s not quick, but apparently it makes the food very moist and extremely flavorful!


Q: 興味のある電化製品はある?

A: 私が興味のあるものはないわね。テレビでは売ってないけど、Instant Pot と Sous-videに興味がある人が多いわよ。

Instant Potは冷凍したものでもすぐに火が通るの。たくさんの人が家庭料理を作るのにすごく助かると言っているわ。でもこの商品はとても高いの。