Do you have any fun memories of Halloween?

Q: Do you have any fun memories of Thanksgiving or Halloween?

A: Many families do not allow their children to go trick or treating after they are 12 years old. My family also had this rule, and my mother would not even allow me to have a costume after that age. But one year when I was in high school, we had exchange students from Sweden at our school. Since the Swedish students had never experienced Halloween, my mother allowed me to go trick or treating with them.

We had an excellent time showing the students what Halloween was about – going to a local haunted house attraction and then going trick or treating, until we got to one house. The house had very scary decorations outside, and the lights were quite dim, and flickering. Most of the exchange students had gone home at that point because it was late, but there was one girl left, and she decided she wanted to go to the door. So she and I crept up the stairs and hesitantly knocked on the door, while our friends who were too scared waited on the street.

At first we heard nothing – all the creepy music stopped suddenly and no sounds came from the house. We looked back at our friends for reassurance, and they mimed knocking, so my friend, timidly, knocked again. Then we heard sounds, like huge, heavy, stomping feet, slooooooowly coming closer and closer. We were frozen with fear. We looked at each other, with wide eyes, confirming the other had heard the footsteps. The sounds grew closer and closer, until we could tell someone was just on the other side of the door. We clutched our candy bags and gulped.

The door slowly swung open and there, in the dark, was a HUGE man in a very convincing Frankenstein’s monster costume. He lunged out of the dark at us and yelled “BOOO!” We screamed, ran down the stairs (still screaming), ran down the street (still screaming) with all our friends calling out to us (and we were still screaming) and then running after us. We ran (still screaming, the entire time) until we couldn’t run (or scream) anymore.

Our friends finally caught up to us. We caught our breath and we all laughed about what a good job the man had done, and how he had successfully scared us. We laughed at ourselves…and then realized in all our running and screaming, we had NO CLUE where we were, lol. We had to look for a house that still had their lights on and ask for directions so we could find our way home!