Do you have any inexpensive typical local food in your area?

Q: Do you have any inexpensive typical local food in your area?

A: The US isn’t really like Japan in this way. We don’t have a “famous” food in every city. There are some famous regional foods though. Some northeastern cities serve things like lobster rolls, because they have access to very fresh lobster and crab. Some southern cities have famous barbecue restaurants, and a few cities have developed their own style of sauce. They have competitions to see which sauce tastes better. It’s a funny rivalry. The southwestern area is the place to go for spicy, Mexican style food.

Some cities have a “famous” food because it was developed there. For example, Chicago has deep dish pizza, and Philadelphia has cheesesteak sandwiches. But most cities just have regular food, Seattle included.

As for cheap food, no. Seattle is not a cheap place. Even our street food, served from food trucks, is expensive, hahahaa! And there is no one food that Seattle people like more than any other, because Seattle is a very international city. We probably have a better variety of international foods than other cities, because of this!


Q: 地元の安くて特徴的な食べ物はある?

A: アメリカは日本のような感じではないわね。各都市に名物があるわけではないの。有名な地域料理はいくつかあるけれど。北西部の都市ではとても新鮮なロブスターやカニがとれるからロブスターロールのようなものがあるわね。南部には有名なバーベキューレストランがあって、独自ソースを作った都市が2、3あるわよ。どのソースがおいしいか評価するコンテストがあるの。おもしろい競争ね。南西部はスパイシーなメキシコ風料理を好む地域。