Do you have hydrangeas in your area?

Q: There are a lot of hydrangeas blooming now in Japan. Do you have hydrangeas in your area?

A;Yes. Hydrangeas grow really well in my state, and we see them in many people’s yards. Older homes in the area sometimes have massive hydrangea bushes!

They grow in several different colors here, depending on the soil in the area, but I think blue is the most common. We can also find them in pink and lavender.

A few years ago, I bought “winter hydrangeas”, which bloomed late into the fall. Those flowers were a faded wine color. I was really surprised, as I’d never seen that color before!

This year, I bought a “reblooming” hydrangea for my container garden, which is supposed to produce flowers for many months. However, this plant is very young, so it will probably not bloom this year.