Do you have one dollar stores in the US?

Q: Do you have one-dollar stores in the US?

A: About 20 years or so ago, they were 98 cent stores! I guess inflation has driven them up, hahaha!

We used to see many different dollar stores, from small chains to privately owned, but these days most of them are run by a few big companies. It’s unfortunate, because these stores carry the same merchandise, so there’s no real variety anymore at the dollar stores.
Some of the most common stores are Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Family Dollar. These are regional. In my area, we only have Dollar Tree, and I’ve never seen the other two at all.
Typically Dollar Tree carries seasonal items, like Christmas Decorations, Trick-or-Treat buckets, etc. They also carry household items, but mostly only plastic. So if you need plastic spoons for cooking, or plastic bowls, etc, you can get them there. The merchandise is usually very low quality.
I like to buy things at the Dollar Tree that I am going to use for other purposes. For example, I might buy tinsel garland to use for a costume, or I might buy a kitchen bowl and mix cement in it. It’s a good source of items to use in craft or art projects.


Q: アメリカにも1ドルストアはあるの?

A: 20年位前は、98セントストアがあったのよ!きっとインフレで価格があがったのね(笑)


最もよく知られているのがDollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollarね。これらは地域のお店よ。私の地域では Dollar Treeしかなくて、あとの2つは見たことがないわ。

Dollar treeは季節の商品、クリスマスの装飾、(ハロウィンの)トリックオアトリートのバケツなどを扱っているわね。あと家庭用品も扱っているけど、ほとんどがプラスチック製。料理用のプラスチック製のスプーンやボウルなどが必要ならそこで手に入るわ。たいてい商品の質はとても低いけれど。

私はDollar Tree で別の用途で物を買うのが好きなの。例えば、コスチューム用に金銀糸のモールを買ったり、台所用のボウルを買ってコンクリートを混ぜ合わせるのに使ったりね。クラフトやアートプロジェクトで使うもののいい調達先よ。