Do you have things you haven’t used for a long time, but you won’t throw away?

Q: Do you have things you haven’t used for a long time, but you won’t throw away?

A: Yes. I have a tendency to hang on to craft and sewing supplies, because they can be quite expensive. So for example, I have some fabric that I have had for about 20 years. It’s fabric for a baby, so I am just waiting for one of my friends to have another baby so I can make them a quilt. But so far, no one has had another baby. They should get busy, lol. I also have a string of beads that I have had for about 15 years. I have used a lot of them, but there are many still left, so I keep them until I have a project I need them for. I will get it all used up eventually!

 I suppose the other things I have that I don’t use are more things to remember other people by. For example, I have some broaches that I don’t wear, but they belonged to my grandmother. And I have some hats that I never wear that belonged to my uncle. I keep these things because they were important to people I loved.


Q: ずっと使っていないけど捨てられないものある?

A: あるわよ。クラフトや縫い物の材料は結構高いからとっておいてしまうわ。例えば、20年間持っている布地があるわ。赤ちゃん用の布だから、赤ちゃんができた友人にキルトを作ってあげるためにとってあるのだけれど、これまで新たに子供はできていないわね。きっと忙しいのね(笑)あと、15年前のビーズの糸を持っているわ。以前よく使ったものだけど、まだたくさん残っていて、それが必要なプロジェクトがあるまでとっておくわ。全部使い切るつもりよ!