Do you like outdoor activities?

Q: Do you like outdoor activities?

I used to love hiking when my son was small. At that time we lived in Oregon, near the Columbia River Gorge. The gorge is one of the most beautiful natural areas in the country, and there are hundreds of hiking trails of various difficulties for the public to use.

I like to be outdoors in nature, but as some of you know,  I have some back injuries caused by a car accident. Because of those injuries, I can’t enjoy the outdoors as much as I would like to.  I wish that I could hike and run again, but it’s not really possible.

I don’t really enjoy camping, though I do it about once a year. I don’t like bugs, and campsites don’t usually have comfortable accommodations. Sleeping on the ground makes my back hurt, so I never camp in a tent. I sometimes camp in a yurt, as those have bunk beds inside, but really they are not very comfortable, either, lol!

Yurt camping is popular in this part of the country, because we don’t really have very good weather for camping. It rains here for most of the year, so camping in tents can be a very muddy experience. Yurts allow people to get out of town and sleep in the forest, without having to sleep in the mud. Most yurts have a small heater inside as well, so they can be used even in the winter.


Q: ピクニックやキャンプなどアウトドアは好き?

 A: 息子が小さいときはハイキングが大好きだったわ。その当時私たちはオレゴン州のコロンビア川峡谷の近くに住んでいたの。この峡谷は米国で最も美しい自然の一つで、何百もの一般の人が使うありとあらゆる難易度のハイキングコースがあるのよ。