Do you often go to museums or galleries?

Q: Do you often go to museums or galleries?

A: My city has a lot of museums, but in the US museums tend to be quite expensive. Our largest art museum, SAM, charges $19.95 for one person for the regular exhibits. If you want to visit a special exhibition, there is an additional fee. So I rarely go to the museum, even though I would like to.

There are many art galleries of various kinds throughout the city. Many of them are very casual, and these galleries tend to host artists for “art walk”s, which are free to attend. Each neighborhood has its monthly art walk on a different day of the week, so if you want to, you can see local art for free each week.  More “professional” galleries don’t get as involved with art walks, and may not even be open during those events.

Seattle has a lot of outdoor art as well. There is a sculpture garden downtown, and many other free standing sculptures throughout the downtown area, as well as murals and public art installations all around.


Q: 博物館やギャラリーに行ったりする?

A: 私の街にはたくさんの博物館があるわ。でも米国の博物館はかなり高いの。シアトルで一番大きい美術館、SAM(Seattle Art Museum)は常設展示の観覧料が一人29.99ドルするの。特別展示を見ようというなら追加料金がかかる。だから行きたいとは思うにしても、めったに行かないわね。