Do you think listening to/singing English songs is an effective way to study English?

Q: Do you think listening to/singing English songs is an effective way to study English? 
– If so, could you recommend some songs, artists, or bands?

A: Well, I wouldn’t really call it study. I think any time you can get some extra listening practice it’s a good idea, and I think a lot of people like music, so it would be a good way for them to get in some extra listening. The thing about music is that it can help a learner see how much natural melody is in English, and how a word can be stretched or changed. I think singing along is good for people who are having problems with intonation.

I suppose any artist who speaks clearly would be a good choice, but there is no artist who does so 100% of the time! Sometimes we have to smoosh a word into a short beat, or several words in order to make them fit the line. I don’t personally like country music, but older style country music tends to be pretty clear. Maybe 1990’s Randy Travis, or 1980’s Dolly Parton or Kenny Rogers. Country music tends to tell a story, so it’s usually clearly sung.



Q: 英語の歌を聴いたり、歌ったりするのは英語の習得に効果的?