Do you think reading comic books is good for children?

Q:Do you think reading comic books is good for children?

A: Uh-oh. You’ve asked me a question I have a strong opinion about hahaaa! I think that any form of reading is good for children. Comic books, newspapers, cereal packages, get them reading! Reading cannot be a bad thing!

We have often heard the argument in the US that reading comic books (or watching movies, or playing video games) is bad for children, but this is a ridiculous statement. The problem isn’t the comic books, the problem is the parents.

As with any form of media, whether it’s movies, television, games or novels, it is up to the parent to screen that media and make a decision about what is right for their child. You cannot blame the comic book if you allow your child to read something very violent and then they act out or have nightmares. That is the fault of the parent for not making sure the child was reading something age and developmentally appropriate.

We had many people complain about a movie (which was based on a popular comic book series) here in the US. The movie was called “Deadpool”. It received an “R” rating, with every poster for the film bearing prominent warnings for graphic violence, graphic language, graphic nudity, graphic sexual references and graphic sex, yet for some reason, many parents still took their young children to see this film. Then they complained because it was inappropriate! They said “But it was based on a comic book, I thought it would be fine!” The warnings could not have been made more clear, but parents somehow thought it was not their responsibility to read or pay attention to these warnings. Yes, it was based on a comic book. A comic book FOR ADULTS.

So, yes, I think reading is always good for children. But parents have to learn that “parent” is not just a noun, but a verb.



A: おーっと、私に聞いちゃったわね。これについては確固たる意見があるわよ(笑)



こちら米国でたくさんの人がある映画(人気コミックシリーズが原作になったもの)について苦情を言っていたわ。「デッドプール」という映画なんだけど、R指定(注:R指定の映画については17歳未満の観賞は保護者の同伴が必要)を受けて、その映画のポスター一枚一枚に、暴力描写、差別的表現、ヌード描写、セックスの言及、性的描写があることについて、目立つように警告が書かれていたにもかかわらず、なぜか多くの親が幼い子供をその映画を観に連れて行ったの。それで映画が不適切だと文句を言ったわけ! 彼らは「コミック原作だったから、問題ないと思った。」と言っているの。これ以上できないほどはっきりと警告が書かれているのに、親たちはこの警告を読んで、注意を向けることが自分たちの責任だとは思ってないのよ。確かに、それはコミックマンガ原作だったけど、大人向けのコミックだったの。