Do you think Seattle has a unique or traditional cafe or coffee culture? 

Q: Do you think Seattle has a unique or traditional cafe or coffee culture?  

A: Well, modern coffee shop chains have not existed long enough to call them “traditional”, but Seattle certainly has a unique coffee culture. There are many kinds of coffee available all over the city. Some cafés focus on where the coffee came from, and others focus on how the coffee is prepared.

These days “organic” everything is popular, so a lot of places claim to have organically grown coffee. Some other places say that their coffee is “locally sourced”, though I am not sure how that’s even possible, given that Seattle does not have coffee growing weather!

The most popular places are the chains. I suppose this is because the prices are slightly lower than at specialty cafés, and also because people know they can get the same drink at any one of those stores.



A: 最近のコーヒーショップチェーンはまだ伝統的と呼べるほど長く存在してないわね。でもシアトルは独特なコーヒー文化があると思うわ。街のいたるところで色々な種類のコーヒーがあるの。コーヒー豆の産地にこだわる店があったり、コーヒー豆の準備方法にこだわる店があったり。