Do you think there are common birth order characteristics?

Q: Do you think there are common birth order characteristics? 

A: In the US, people often say that the middle child is a problem child. They reason that the first child receives the most attention and the most rules, but by the time the 3rd child arrives, it has fewer rules and is just doted on as the baby, but the middle child is ignored, and so acts out because they crave attention. Supposedly this can be the middle of 3, or 5, or whatever number.

I don’t think this is true, but maybe it was in the past? I think it might be true that a middle child would be more shy than others, because they have an older sibling to speak for them, but I think that in general, birth order doesn’t mean anything.


Q: 生まれ順でよくある性格はある?

A: 米国では真ん中の子は問題児だとよく言われているわ。一番上の子は一番目をかけられて、縛りも多いけど、3番目が生まれるまでに、縛りが減って、家族の年少者として可愛がられるけど、真ん中の子は無視されるから注意を引くために目立つ行動をする。たぶん3、5人兄弟とかの真ん中がそうかもしれない。