Does working long hours cause some people to get mentally or physically ill in the US?

Q: Does working long hours cause some people to get mentally or physically ill in the US?

A: The situation depends on what kind of worker the person is. In the case of “salaried” employees (those who receive a set amount of pay, and are not eligible to receive overtime pay), it is very common. We often hear of people having nervous breakdowns because their bosses never leave them alone. Some people are made to carry a second cell phone just for work, and we often hear people complain of their boss calling, texting or emailing them in the busy hours of the morning to ask a question, or to demand they do some work before they come into the office. Technically, it is not legal, but in the US there is very little in the way of worker protection for these types of things, so if they complain too much they will be fired. 

On the opposite end of things are hourly employees, who have no guaranteed set salary, but are paid by the number of hours they work. The vast majority of US employers do not allow hourly employees to work overtime. This means that you must work very efficiently, or you risk losing your job. Your work for the day MUST be finished by quitting time that day. If you cannot finish on time, the company will simply replace you. 

Both situations are terrible and stressful for employees, and often lead to mental health problems. These days, physical illnesses resulting from “toxic stress” are on the rise. 


Q: 米国では長時間労働が原因で身体や心を病む人 はいますか。