Has vaccination against covid-19 started in your area?

Q: Has vaccination against covid-19 started in your area? How do people respond to it? 

A: The vaccination process has started in my area. Most states are following a similar schedule. First, medical workers are vaccinated. Next, elderly people. After that the schedules vary a lot from state to state, and things are still changing. For the most part, only medical workers and elderly people have had the chance to receive the vaccine so far, though there are some exceptions.

I think most people are willing to get the vaccine. Some people are concerned because it was developed so swiftly and tested for such a short amount of time. Many Black Americans are concerned because the US has a history of testing vaccines and medications on minority citizens. I hear that there will be a public education program starting in a few months which will feature advertising that talks about the safety and necessity of the vaccine, but I don’t know many details.

Of course there are still anti-vaxxers in the US, and they are against ALL vaccines. I have heard that some countries will make vaccination mandatory for every citizen, but that definitely won’t happen in the US. We already have many legal battles in the courts now over cities and states trying to make other types of vaccines (especially the measles vaccine) mandatory, so it’s highly unlikely that the covid vaccine will be made mandatory. While most people understand that vaccines are safe and necessary, it is unlikely that the US courts would allow mandatory vaccination rules – such a rule would more than likely be found unconstitutional.

Q: Covid-19ワクチン接種は始まった?人々の反応は?

A: うちのエリアでもワクチン接種が始まったわ。ほとんどの州が似たようなスケジュールで進んでいる。最初に医療従事者が打って、次に高齢者ね。州によってスケジュールは様々で、状況はまだ変化しているわ。たいていの場合、例外はあるものの、今のところは医療従事者と高齢者だけにワクチンを打つ機会が与えられているわね。


もちろん米国にはワクチン反対派がいて、彼らは全てのワクチンに反対しているの。国民全員にワクチン接種を義務付けている国もあるようだけど、米国では絶対そうはならないわ。他のワクチン(特にはしかのワクチン)を義務化しようとする都市や州でたくさんの訴訟が起きているので、新型コロナウィルスのワクチンが義務付けされる可能性はまずないわね。 ほとんどの人がワクチンは安全で必要なものだということを理解しているけど、米国の裁判所がワクチンを義務化する規則を許しそうにないわ。むしろそのような規則は憲法違反と考えられるでしょうね。