Have you done DIY recently? 

Q: Have you done DIY recently?  What did you make?

A: Well, I have a feeling you don’t mean what Americans mean when we say DIY. DIY in the US refers to home improvement projects, and since I don’t own a home, no, I haven’t done any DIY lately, lol.

I think you probably mean crafts. I do crafts all the time. I often make things that I need for my house. For example, I could not find anything to hold my rolling pins. I have several different kinds – one for pie crust, one for fondant, one for biscuits, etc – but no company seems to make a rack to hold them. So I made one.

There is a very cool product called “Instamorph”, which is thermoreactive plastic pellets. You boil water, drop the pellets into the water, and once the heat up you can mold them into any shape you want. Once the plastic cools off again, the plastic remains rigid. So I used this plastic to form hooks the size of each of my rolling pins. Then, once the plastic set up, I drilled holes in the top of each hook, and screwed them to a piece of scrap wood I had. After that, I painted the whole thing and hung it on the wall, then put all my rolling pins in it.

Most of my craft projects are similar – just things I need around my own house.


Q: 最近、DIYをしましたか?何を作りましたか? 

A: えっと、あなたが言うDIYはアメリカ人が意味するものと違っている気がするわ。米国でのDIYは家の修繕を指すのね。私は家を持っていないから、最近DIYはやっていないわね(笑)