Have you ever experienced any trouble at airports?

Q: Have you ever experienced any trouble at airports?

A: I think everyone has! I’ve had problems in the past with flights that were delayed or canceled, being stranded in cities I wasn’t supposed to be in to begin with, and having my luggage sent home without me.

The worst time was when I was trying to get home from Chicago. All of the passengers were waiting at the gate for the flight, but the airline staff never showed up, and the time kept changing for our flight departure. About 5 hours after the flight was supposed to have left, they finally made an announcement on the loud speaker that our flight was canceled, and we would have to go to another gate to re-book. This was before cell phones, so we all had to stand in line for several hours to use one of only two airline hotline phones to rebook our flights. We ended up being stuck in Chicago for 3 days with no luggage. The airline gave us “discount vouchers” for hotel rooms, but we had to change hotels every night, so it was a very, very stressful and unpleasant time!


Q: 空港でトラブルにあったことはある?

A: みんなあると思うわよ!フライトが遅延か欠航になって、いるはずのない都市で足止めを食らって、荷物は家に送られているということがあったわ。