Have you ever sold things online?

Q: Have you ever sold things online?  Have you used online auction?

A: I think every American has used Ebay for something. We do not have Yahoo auctions here, but for many years if you wanted something, Ebay was THE place to get it.

Ebay was the best way to get things like popular Christmas toys that had sold out in stores, or childhood toys people had lost or forgotten about, or even things to add to their collections. For a long time, many people made their living by selling things on Ebay. My mother collected Hallmark brand Christmas ornaments when I was little, and even she used Ebay to sell that collection in the early 2000’s. It was a great way for her to find people who wanted exactly what she had!

Unfortunately, because of the United States Postal Service, Ebay is not so popular anymore. The price of postage has skyrocketed in the past 10 years or so, which makes both sales and purchases hard. You might have a CD that you want to sell on Ebay for $2, and there might be plenty of people willing to give you $2 for it. BUT, then the postage to send it to the buyer is $4, and no one wants to pay that much to ship a $2 CD. As a result many small businesses have had to close down because of our postal system. It’s very sad, and a little frustrating. I have an Etsy shop (an online marketplace for handmade goods) and a man from Canada recently bought a button from me. The price of the button was $3. The postage to Canada? $9.50!


Q: ネットで物を売ったことはある?オークションを使ったことがある?

A: アメリカ人はみんなEbayを使ったことがあると思うわ。こちらはヤフオクはないの。ずいぶん長い間、欲しいものがあったら買うのはEbayという感じだったわ。


残念ながら、米国の郵便サービスのせいで Ebayはもうそれほど人気はないの。ここ10年位で郵便料金が高騰して、売買が困難なの。2ドルで売りたいCDがあって、たくさんの人がそれを買いたいとしても、購入者への送料は4ドルで、2ドルのCDを送るのにそこまで出したい人はいないわ。結果として、私たちの郵便システムのせいでたくさんの小規模店が閉店したの。私はEtsy(ハンドメイド品のオンラインマーケットプレイス)にお店を出していて、最近カナダの男性がボタンを買ってくれたの。ボタンの値段は3ドル。カナダへの送料はいくらかって?9.50ドルよ!